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Canadian Army:

Arrival in Britain, 1940
Eastern Front, Pacific War, 1941
Dieppe, 1942
Sicily, Italy, Ortona, 1943
D-Day and the Normandy Campaign, 1944
Reichwald Forest and the Netherlands, 1945

Royal Canadian Navy:

Convoy Duty, 1940
Hunting U-Boats, 1941
Convoy Duty, 1942
Victory in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1943
Gunbattle in the Western Approaches: HMCS Haida and Athabaskan, 1944
The RCN and D-Day, 1944

Royal Canadian Air Force:

Enlisting in the RCAF, 1939
Basic Pilot Training, 1942

RCAF Bomber Pilot

Bomber Pilot Training, 1942
Bomber Command, Over Germany, 1943
Bomber Command, Over France, 1944
Bomber Command, 1945
The Controversy over Bomber Command, 1945

RCAF Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilot Training, 1942
Fighter Command: Malta, Sicily, Italy, 1943
Fighter Command: Over France, 1944
Fighter Command: 1945