1944 Training for D Day - William Henry Smith


Jan 11th, 1944
I guess I'm not the only one wondering when we're going. There are posters everywhere now telling us to keep our mouths shut. There's one poster which I find particularly funny 'Loose lips, sink ships'. Who comes up with that? I should have gone into that business, I could have come up with some much more original ones than that!

March 15th, 1944
Exercises seem to be dying down. There have been lots of important guys coming to inspect us and give us these good speeches. I don't want to assume but I think we're going soon...

April 14th, 1944
We've moved to camp about 5 miles away from Southampton.

May 25th, 1944
Military police everywhere. No one is allowed out. We're going and it'll be soon...

May 29th, 1944
They're telling us to bring as little of our kit as possible. But there are so many things I know I will need. Rodney had no problem. I sent Mom the package with all the presents, she should get it on the day of her birthday. I can't wait to hear how she liked it.

June 1st, 1944
Right now, all I'm doing is playing cards with Rodney and another guy called Norman. There are so many military vehicles. I have never seen so many in all of my life!

June 5th, 1944
They've brought us at the ports and boarded us in these massive ships. This is it, we're leaving tonight.