Little Angels

Your squadron is conducting daytime bombing raids in Belgium as part of the Second Tactical Air Force. Your mission is to blow holes in dikes, to flood low lying farm fields - so Canadian soldiers can use amphibious vehicles to attack across large scale German minefields. The timing of your attack is critical to achieve maximum surprise against the German defenders who expect an attack via one single causeway. Your flight is escorted by the RCAF's newest and best fighters - the " Mustang". Suddenly your formation is jumped by German Fw 190s diving out of the sun.

How should your bomber pilots react?

A.Stay in formation, continue the mission. Radio for your "Little Angels" - your Mustang escorts to jump on the Germans

B. Stay in formation. Use your massed gunfire to hold the Germans off while you finish the mission

C. Break formation and scatter. Try to complete the mission individually

D. Abort the mission. Turn back - and let your quadruple machine gun rear turrets hold off the Germans