About the Simulation:

The "Stormbringers" simulation was not designed to be a game. No score is kept. The only rewards are occasional promotions and continued survival. The purpose of the simulation is to allow students to learn about and to appreciate what our soldiers experienced in the war. My hope was that the simulation format would make learning about the war more engaging without devolving into entertainment.

The entire simulation is designed to be completed in three to four 75 minute classes, even allowing time for the students to puzzle out challenges and read the information notes and letters home. As a suggestion, students might be paired up, to allow more students access if computers are limited, and to allow students to share experiences. Students can also access the simulation at home

Historical Accuracy

I have tried to make the simulation as authentic as possible. The research was extremely extensive, extending through five years. The chronology, description of major events and battles and all letters, memoirs and diary entries are all authentic. The tests and challenges are all based on information and situations from the time period - often borrowed from people's memoirs or biographies. Over 95% of the images are also authentic, sometimes with a little graphic editing for clarity.

Classroom activities and assignments

Historical Thinking - Applying the "Big Six" Historical Thinking Concepts

Memory Research and Learning History

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