Canada and Canadians in World War II: Links

1. Canadian Sites that Deal with the War

The Second World War - Veterans Affairs Canada

Canada in the Second World War : Juno Beach Centre

Canadian War Museum: Home

WWII: Facts & Information - Canada at War

About Canada's Role in World War II - Canadian Battlefields Foundation

Remembering Canada's role in WW II - Canada - CBC News

Second World War: 1939-1945 - Library and Archives Canada

Legion Magazine

World War II and the NFB :: The Home Front

Women and the War on the Home Front - Canadian War Museum

Indigenous Soldiers - Foreign Battlefields

Aboriginal Veterans: Equals on the battlefields, but not at home

CBC News In Depth: Aboriginal Canadians

Veterans Affairs Canada - Francophone Soldiers

2.Searching for Information on Individual Servicemen

The Canadian Military Heritage Project - WW2

Searching for Information on Canadians in WW2 - Maple Leaf Up

Military Heritage - Library and Archives Canada

Search - Veterans Affairs Canada

Memoirs, Letters, Diaries

WWII - World War Two collections | Canadian Letters

The Second World War - Veteran Stories - The Memory Project

Second World War - Diaries, Letters, and Stories - Remembering ...

Wartime Canada
Contemporary military, government and business pamphlets and advice from WW2 on many Home Front topics, military training, and war news

For Military Veterans:

Soldiers, Factory Workers, Asbestos, and Cancer
From the 1940s right through to the mid-1970's the U.S., British and Canadian militaries used asbestos-containing materials to build ships, tanks, aircraft and more, putting service men and women at risk of mesothelioma, a dangerous lung cancer caused by breathing in asbestos fibres. Here are two educational guides about veterans and asbestos health:

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction:

A Comprehensive guide to Veteran-Owned Small Business Resources:

For Kids
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