Historical Note: "Ramrod" missions

The RCAF Spitfire squadrons' prime mission, called "Ramrods", was to escort Martin B26 Marauder medium bombers of the USAAF. The Spitfire was useful only on the short-hauls made by medium bombers, like the Marauder, over France and a small piece of Belgium as they had relatively short "legs" (they couldn't fly for long, especially in combat conditions). The bomber crew's hazardous job was to attack coastal installations and enemy airfields to reduce the ability of the Luftwaffe to fight from forward bases and to weaken coastal defences. In 60 sorties escorting the American bombers, only one was lost to enemy fighters. During the same time period Canadian pilots shot down 44 enemy aircraft without losing any of theirs.

Wartime film of a "Ramrod" mission: RAF Spitfires in Action (1944) 1:34