War News: March-August, 1918

March 28-August - The Canadian Corp is stationed in the trench lines just north of Arras . Several times the soldiers were warned that a German attack was imminent, but the threat was never great. There was plenty of daily shelling but no German assault. To the north and the south German forces have pushed the British armies back considerably, but they leave the Canadians in the center alone.

April 27-May 4- As the other Allied armies are in retreat, the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Divisions seize an important portion of the German Fresnes-Rouvroy trench system near the Scarpe River. The Canadians advance 10 kilometers to the river's edge.

July 15 - The German offensive collapses 100 km short of Paris. The Germans have made major advances but they fail to envelop the British army, or to find a gap between the British and French armies.

The Allies begin their counter-offensive attack at the Second Battle of the Marne when French and American troops begin to push the exhausted Germans back

Aug 8 - Nov 11 From August onwards the Allies are continually on the offensive. Marshal Foch, the Supreme Allied Commander plans a' "Grand Offensive" . The plan calls for French, Canadian, British and American armies to attack in three sectors. In the north, the Canadians will attack near Amiens, the British in the Somme River valley , and the French and Americans in further south in the Meuse-Argonne region. From this point on the Germans are continually in retreat and near collapse.